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Shark Whisperer is the story of a little girl who befriends the most feared predator in the sea and soon discovers that to protect her friend, she must overcome the most feared predator of all... man. 

While movies from "Jaws" to "Sharknado" continue to vilify sharks, "Shark Whisperer" will be the first film/series in history to cast sharks in a positive light and depict these awesome creatures as they really are, not as mindless man-eaters but as the majestic apex predators of the sea with an vital role to play in the health of our oceans.


We believe that "Shark Whisperer" will do for sharks, what films like "Flipper", and "Free Willy" did for whales and dolphins,  It will give viewers, a new respect for these essential ocean creatures and motivate viewers to protect and preserve sharks from the brutal practice of shark-finning which is responsible for the slaughter of tens of millions of sharks each year for little more than a bowl of soup.


You can help! Join our mailing list at the link below or on our contact page and share our updates with your friends and social media followers today.  Then you can honestly say: "I saved a shark today!"

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