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"Shark Whisperer" the first movie ever to show sharks in a positive light.

“Shark Whisperer” is the story of of a young girl who befriends with a ten-foot tiger shark and begins an extraordinary inter-species relationship with the most feared predator in the sea. This friendship ultimately requires her to stand up against the head of a powerful commercial fishing organization who secretly profits from the illegal shark-finning trade.

Though “Shark Whisperer” is a fictional film, it exposes the largely illegal and extremely destructive environmental issue of “shark-finning”, which claims the lives of tens of millions of sharks each year for little more than a bowl of soup. This unsustainable worldwide slaughter of sharks will have a devastating effect on ocean ecology if it is allowed to continues unchecked. “Shark Whisperer” will raise public awareness of this issue and hopefully help reduce this bloody practice.

According to the film’s writer/director George Monteiro, “It was movies like “Flipper” and “Free Willy” that taught a generations of young people to love and respect dolphins and whales, we hope “Shark Whisperer” will to do the same for sharks... the most misunderstood and maligned creatures in the sea.”

While films from “Jaws” to “Sharknado” continue to perpetrate the myth of sharks as mindless man-eaters, “Shark Whisperer” will be the first film ever to show sharks in a positive light and help give them the respect and protection they deserve as the essential apex predator of the sea.

George is working with a variety of like minded individuals to help make “Shark Whisperer” a reality. These include marine conservation groups, SCUBA equipment manufacturers, recreational boat manufacturers and shark diving experts including Stuart Cove of Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas, the number one shark diving and filming operations in the world.

“Shark Whisperer”, it’s not just a film, it is a cause. You can contribute to the cause by supporting the "Shark Whisperer" crowd-funding campaign at IndieGoGo

For more information contact:

George Monteiro


Sea-Cam, Inc.


Phone: 954-203-2600



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